This weeks learning

This week in maths we have been identifying 2D and 3D shapes. We have also been creating 2D representations of 3D shapes. It has been fun because we have been doing lots of practical activities to help us explore and understand shapes!

This week in Topic we have been writing lonely heart adverts for Henry the eighth! We have been researching his wives, and thinking about what kind of wife the king would want!

The following weeks learning…

In Maths, we shall be continuing with learning about shapes. However, this term we shall be learning about reflection and translation.

Our topic this term is Material Madness! We will be exploring different types of material (plastic, metal, wood) experimenting with them in class.

Star of the week

The stars of the week for Franklin Class are Sabina and Rudra.

The star of the week for Wonder Class is Alexia.

The star of the week for Armstrong is Harishayan.

The star of the week for Marley class is Constantin.

The star of the week for King class is Shubh.

Well done to all of our stars of the week!

This week’s learning


We have been looking at timelines this week in topic. It has been interesting to look at the changes that have taken place in Croydon since the Tudor times.

Researching the history of Hampton Court was intriguing and fascinating.


Henry VIII wanted a divorce so he could no longer be married to Catherine of Aragon . We have been writing persuasive letters to the Pope to grant us this wish.

Before writing our letters we looked at features of persuasive letters and collected and selected phrases that we felt were powerful.


Angles were the focus this week. We were able to use our knowledge of straight lines to work out missing angles. Furthermore we used our knowledge of a full turn to work out missing angles.

We also recapped the features of rectangles (including squares) and used these features to work out missing angles, area and perimeter.