Stars of the week

The star of the week for Franklin class is Muskaan.

The star of the week for Armstrong class is Iara.

The stars of the week for Wonder class are Inthujan and Augustina.

The stars of the week for King class are Adonai, Nosheen and Gift.

The stars of the week for Marley class are Hayley and Esther.

Well done to all of our stars!

Next weeks learning

Next week in our Topic learning, we will be writing up the a method for the science investigation we completed. We will also be investigating the speed of discoing different materials!

Next week in our Maths learning, we will be continuing work on our knowledge of timetables, and also translating 2D shapes.

Next week in our English learning, we will be changing the endings of fairytales. Maybe Red Riding hood was truly evil or maybe the wolf survived in the three little pigs and sought revenge!

This weeks learning

This week in topic we have been learning about different mixtures and solutions. We have conducted a science experiment to separate sand and water using different materials!

This week in maths we have been continuing to learn about time. We have learnt to convert 12 hours to 24 hours and vica versa. We have also been learning about volume and capacity, and the formula we can use to work out everything from a bottle of water to size of a classroom!

In our English writing we have been continuing to describe our settings. We have been thinking about prepositional phrases and how we can take the reader through the journey of the setting!

Next weeks learning

In Topic next week we exploring mixtures and solutions. It will be exciting exploring the chemistry side of science!

In English we shall be writing a setting description!

In Maths we will be continuing to learn about time – however, this week we shall be learning then difference between digital and analogue time!

This weeks learning

In topic this week we have been learning about electricity. We have been making circuits with wires and bulbs, and thinking about insulators and conductors.

In Maths this week we are learning about time. We have been converting units of time, for example, years to months, months to days and days to hours.

In English this week we have been writing a character description of a witch, inspired by the ‘The Lost Happy Endings.’ We have been gathering phrases to describe a cave to help us with our learning next week!